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    February Mobile Wallpapers

    Hello February! It still is cold outside (hang in the North America!), but I hope those mobile wallpapers will warm up your phone a bit :) I give you two calendars. One with hot cocoa, one with a crisp, cold…

  • Motivational Wallpapers Cover
    MOBILE wallpapers

    How to stay motivated?

    Motivation comes and goes, like an outdoor cat. It may be fluffy and cute, but it certainly has sharp claws, and teeth, and pointy fangs. To keep it in place, or at least in line of sight, preferably cosying up…

  • MOBILE wallpapers

    Hello October

    With autumn in full swing, and Halloween around the corner here’s my first batch of seasonal mobile wallpapers. Two calendars, a minimalistic one, and of course one with a pumpkin :) Later this month I’ll give you some more spooky…