How to plan your week + FREE printable weekly planner

The weekend is here, you tell everyone of all the things that you’re planning to do the following week. Be it stuff to do at work, at home, never mind where. You’re gonna crush it. You think about it for the whole weekend. But here comes Monday. And nothing happens. Have you ever been in a situation like this?

You may think that you were planning, and organizing everything in your head. Just thinking, however, is not enough. The least you can do is write it down. Better still is to write it down in a planner, with a minimalistic design, preferably a pastel colour scheme, like light pink. That’s for focus and the amount of space to write. Also, a cute planner will encourage you to use it. If I got you interested, you can find a free planner below this text!

How to use a weekly planner effectively?

First thing first, you have to start. Try to not make it a chore, a relaxed mind works better. Grab a drink, cuddle up under a blanket, light a candle. Whatever makes you focused. When writing down each task, remember to make it specific. Instead of “cleaning” write down “clean the bathroom”, “clean the garage”, “vacuum”. It has a double purpose. Firstly, makes the tasks much smaller and manageable. Secondly, smaller tasks are easier to finish, making the list fill up quicker. This tricks your mind that you can finish the list faster, or start it easier.
To further make your life simpler you can group your task, for example: sports activities could be blue, and cleaning red, paperwork yellow. Don’t forget to leave some space for notes, to write if something takes more or less time, to better plan it in the future.

Why is it good for you?

  • Lower your stress about forgetting something to do. You have it written down.
  • You can manage the whole week at once to not overburden yourself.
  • With a proper schedule, you can make more time to relax.
  • There is a much lower chance of being overwhelmed as you know what to expect.

There may be timing issues at first. Over- and underestimates but it gets much better with time. To make it easier try to make a routine out of it. For example, every Sunday evening, sit down to plan the week. To help I got you a cute personal planner, to print, and use.